Lexical Tools

Configuration Setup

This version of lvg Java provides users choices of different set up options through the configuration file. The default configuration file is ${LVG_DIR}/data/config/lvg.properties. The variables used in the configuration file are listed in the following table. "Relative path" refers to the path relative to lvg top directory, ${LVG_DIR}.

I. Configuration variables

Variable NamesExplanations Variable Values (Default)
Directories and files
LVG_DIR the absolute path of the lexical tool directory
  • AUTO_MODE (use the current directory, must be at ${LVG_DIR})
  • /Projects/LVG/lvg2022
  • d:/Projects/LVG/lvg2022/
LVG_STOP_WORD_FILE the relative path of the stop word file
  • data/misc/stopWords.data
LVG_NONINFO_WORD_FILEthe relative path of the non-info word file
  • data/misc/nonInfoWords.data
LVG_CONJ_WORD_FILEthe relative path of the conjunction file
  • data/misc/conjunctionWord.data
LVG_REMOVE_S_FILEthe relative path of the remove plural (s) rules file
  • data/misc/removeS.data
LVG_DIACRITICS_FILEthe relative path of the diacritics file
  • data/Unicode/diacriticMap.data
LVG_LIGATURES_FILEthe relative path of the ligatures file
  • data/Unicode/ligatureMap.data
LVG_UNICODE_SYNONYM_FILEthe relative path of the Unicode synonym file
  • data/Unicode/synonymMap.data
LVG_UNICODE_SYMBOL_FILEthe relative path of the symbols & punctuation mapping file
  • data/Unicode/symbolMap.data
LVG_UNICODE_FILEthe relative path of the Unicode mapping file
  • data/Unicode/unicodeMap.data
LVG_NON_STRIP_MAP_UNICODE_FILEthe relative path of the non-strip Unicode file
  • data/Unicode/nonStripMap.data
DB_TYPEDatabase to use in lvg
  • org.hsqldb.jdbcDrive
  • com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
DB_NAMEdatabase name for lvg
  • lvg2022
DB_HOSTHostname of database
  • null
  • localhost
DB_USERNAMEuser name for using the lvg database
  • sa (HSqlDb)
  • lvg (mySql)
DB_PASSWORDlvg user password
  •   (HSqlDb)
  • lvg (mySql)
Other Variables
MIN_TERM_LENGTHThe minimum length of terms used in trie.
  • 3
MAX_RULE_UNINFLECTED_TERMSThe maximum number of uninflections retrieved from rules.
  • 10
MAX_METAPHONEThe maximum number of characters in the metaphone code
  • 6
CGI_EOPa string to mark the end of the result set
  • __THE_END__
  • < /lexItem >
NO_OUTPUTa string indicating no output
  • -No Output-
TRUNCATED_RESULTSthe maximum number of output results
  • 80
LVG_PROMPTThe prompt string for lvg -p option
  • < lexItem >
DIR_TRIE_STEM_LENGTHThe minimum number of legal stem length in derivational trie
stem length = term length + 1 - in Suffix (of rule) length
  • 0
  • 3
START_TAGthe starting tag for Unicode symbol name
  • ![
END_TAGthe ending tag for Unicode symbol name
  • ]!

II. Syntax

  • # -- comment lines begin with "#".
  • variable=value: set variable to value

III. File Location

  • default: ${LVG_DIR}/data/config/lvg.properties
  • may be specified by option -x:file_absolute_path

Notes: The lvg installation program generates ${LVG_DIR}/data/config/lvg.properties automatically (from ${LVG_DIR}/data/config/lvg.properties.TEMPLATE) according to options users chose during the installation.