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Antonym Substitution

  • Short Description: Retrieve antonyms for subterm substitutions

  • Full Description:

    This flow retrieves negative and/or endpoint bounded and asymmetric bounded antonyms that can be applied in subterm substitution for concept mapping applications. The generic rules for antonym substitution for an aPair of Ant-1|Ant-2 are:

    • bounded antonyms:
      • negative Ant-1 = Ant 2
      • negative Ant-2 = Ant 1
    • asymmetric bounded antonyms:
      • negative Ant-1 = Ant 2 (if type = AB2)
      • negative Ant-2 = Ant 1 (if type = AB1)

    For example:

    • good|bad|AB2: He is not good. = He is bad.
    • interior|exterior|B: This isn't an interior. = This is an exterior.
    • professional|amateur|B: You haven't been a professional. = You have been an amateur.
    • amateur|professional|B: She is no amateur. = She is professional.
    • admit|deny|B: I do not admit. = I deny.
    • outside|within|B: It wouldn't be landing outside the line = It would be landing within the line.
    • outside|inside|B: It is never outside = It is inside.

    The results can be applied for subterm substitution to increase recall and preserve the precision (meaning). This requires the negative pattern recognition algorithm first, then apply the antonym substitution.

    The outputs are sorted in the order of a case sensitive alphabetical, then EUI.

    The details information (-m option) of the antonym records show the type, negation, domain and source of antonyms. The format is:
    |FACT|Key (lcNoPunc)|Antonym-1|EUI-1|Antonym-2|EUI 2|Category|Type|Negation|Domain|Source

    where key, type, negation, domain, source are described in antonym flow component.

Please refer to antonym design documents for details.

  • Difference: None

  • Features:
    1. Find antonym substitution of an input term from database.
    2. Sort antonyms by alphabetic order, then EUI.
    3. Apply flow specific option of source. The option of type (must be [B] or [AB2]) and negation (irrelevant) has no effects on this flow.

  • Symbol: zs

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:zs -m -n
    love|-No Output-
    careless|-No Output-
    sad|-No Output-
    More examples

  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Remove punctuation from the input term.
      • Lowercase characters from input term.
      • Find antonyms of the input term from database with type of [B] or [AB2].
      • Apply filter option of category.
    2. Assign category and inflection (base) to the LexItem.
    3. Sort antonyms in a case sensitive alphabetic order, then EUI.

  • Source Code: ToAntonymSubstitution.java

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToAntonymSubstitution