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Metaphone spelling normalized form

  • Short Description: Generate the Metaphone spelling normalized form

  • Full Description:

    This spelling normalization was implemented using the well published Metaphone algorithm invented by Lawrence Philips, implementation copied from C Gazette, June/July 1991, pp 56-57, author Gary A. Parker, with changes by Bernard Tiffany of the University of Michigan, and more changes by Tim Howes of the University of Michigan. Please refer to design documents for details.

    In the Java version, the maximum length of output Metaphone codes can be configured by specified variables in the configuration file.

    The -m flag has no effect on this flow option. "none" is added at the end of the output.

  • Difference:
    • The maximum length of Metaphone codes is configurable in the Java version.

  • Features:
    1. Transform the input term into a Metaphone code.

  • Symbol: m

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:m
    More examples

  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Use Metaphone algorithm to transform input term.
    2. Metaphone algorithm

  • Source Code: ToMetaphone.java

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToMetaphone