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  • Short Description: Lowercase the input

  • Full Description:

    Lowercase the input term

    No effect on the -m option. "none" is added at the end of the output.

  • Difference: None

  • Features:
    1. Lowercase all characters in the input term.

  • Symbol: l

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:l
    ÀÁÂÃÄÅ ÈÉÊË ÌÍÎÏ ÒÓÔÕÖ Ø ÙÚÛÜ ÀÁÂÃÄÅ ÈÉÊË ÌÍÎÏ ÒÓÔÕÖ Ø ÙÚÛÜ|àáâãäå èéêë ìíîï òóôõö ø ùúûü|2047|16777215|l|1|
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  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Lowercase the input term by using method toLowerCase( ) in Java String class.

  • Source Code: ToLowerCase.java

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToLowerCase