Lexical Tools

Filter Output - to contain forms only from the Lexicon

  • Short Description: Filter output to contain only forms from the lexicon.

  • Full Description:

    This flow component filters out outputs is not known to Lexicon and keeps only those outputs which are known to lexicon. Only one output record for one input term.

    This is equivalent to utilizing the output filter option -k:i:1 (when inflecting) and -k:d:1 (when making derivational variants). In addition, the part of speech and inflection information is filled out as well. All valid categories and inflection values are concatenated together in Lvg's output category and inflection bit vectors.

    If the -m flag is specified, the part of speech and inflection information is appended to the information field in its string form.

    For terms in the lexicon this flow option and the lexicon filtering flow option behave similarly. There is a difference between this flow option and the lexicon flow option that looks up part of speech and inflection information when the term is not in the lexicon (-fL flow option). This flow option will filter the term out, whereas the part of speech lookup option will guess and report back all possible categories and inflections.

  • Difference:
    1. The schemes of category and inflection in the database of new version are different from old one. Accordingly, the results are different.

  • Features:
    1. Filter out the output if it is known to lexicon.
    2. The value of categories and inflections are concatenate and displayed.

  • Symbol: f

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:f -m -n
    Laurent|-No Output-
    More examples

  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Check if the input term is known to lexicon.
    2. Retrieve category and inflection from database.
    3. Concatenated values of categories and inflections.
    4. If term is not found in DB, filter it out (return nothing).

  • Source Code: ToFilter.java

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToFilter