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Return Known Acronyms

  • Short Description: Return known acronyms

  • Full Description:

    Given an acronym expansion, this flow component returns known acronyms from the lexicon. The order of returned acronyms is sorted alphabetically. In 2014, all base forms (instead of just citation form) of acronyms are included in LEXICON tables and thus the returned acronyms of all base forms (citation forms and spelling variants).

    The -m option adds type of acronym or abbreviation at the end of output.

  • Difference:
    1. Java version returns the original case of acronyms from database.
    2. Java version sorts outputs by ASCII order (with ignoring cases).
    3. Java version uses the latest data of Acronyms.

  • Features:
    1. Return known acronyms for an input term.
    2. All punctuations and cases of the input term are ignored.

  • Symbol: A

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:A
    very low-density lipoprotein
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLD lipoprotein|2047|1|A|1
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLDL|2047|1|A|1
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLDLP|2047|1|A|1|
    shell> lvg -f:A -m
    very low-density lipoprotein
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLD lipoprotein|2047|1|A|1|acronym|NotUnique|
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLDL|2047|1|A|1|acronym|NotUnique|
    very low-density lipoprotein|VLDLP|2047|1|A|1|acronym|NotUnique|
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  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Strip punctuations from the input term.
    2. Lowercase the input term.
    3. Perform a SQL query to get acronyms from database.
    4. Sort outputs by alphabetical order (Db.AcronymComparator).

  • Source Code: ToAcronyms.java

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToAcronyms