Lexical Tools

Procedure to Generate Diagram of Optimized Set

This page describes how to generate the diagrams for optimal set:

  • Copy the results of optimal set to PC
    • shell> cd ${SUFFIX_D}/data/${YEAR}/dataR/SdRulesOptimum/35.ity-y
    • shell> cp sdRules.stats.out.35.3.csv to PC (${WORK}/${YEAR}/Projects/Lexicon/Derivations/SD/Sd-Rules optiSet/)
  • Copy sdRules.stats.out.opti form the previous year
  • Copy the new data to the page - sdRules.stats.out.in
  • Copy the new data to the page - Avg
  • Go to Diagram page:
    • select the a diagram
    • select the X axis -> select Data .. -> Change Chart data range


  • [Save as] sdRules.stats.out.16.1.csv to *.Excel Work Book
  • Add new sheet [Avg] in sdRules.stats.out.16.1 (similar as in previous year)
    • Calculate 3 point, 5 point, and 7 point average for SP (system precision) and SR (system recall).
  • Insert diagram (add new sheet [Diagram]):
    • Select data from SP (SA) and SR (SC)
    • INSERT -> [Line with Makers] or [2D line] diagram
    • Move the diagram to new sheet [Diagram]
    • Edit Curves:
      • Select curve
      • [Line & Fill]->[LINE]->[Solid line]->[Color]
      • [Line & Fill]->[MARKER]->[FILL]->[No fill]
      • [Line & Fill]->[MARKER]->[BORDER]->[No line]
    • Edit Legend:
      • Select and move to right position
      • [Select Data]->[Edit]->[Series name]->[OK]
    • Edit Y Axis:
      • [Format Axis...]->[Axis Options]->[Maximum]->[1.0]
      • [Format Axis...]->[Axis Options]->[Major]->[0.05]
      • [Format Axis...]->[Fill & line]->[LINE]->[Color]
    • Edit X Axis:
      • [Format Axis...]->[Axis Options]->[TICK MARKS]->[Interval]->[5]
      • [Format Axis...]->[Axis Options]->[TICK MARKS]->[Major Type]->[Cross]
      • [Format Axis...]->[Axis Options]->[LABELS]->[Interval]->[5]
      • [Format Axis...]->[Fill & line]->[LINE]->[Color]

  • Use snipping Tool to save diagram to jpg, or Open PC-Paint to save image to JPEG