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Norm System Options

Normalize text. This process involves abstracting away from case, inflection, and word order. It also involves removing stop words, possessives, replacing punctuation with spaces, remove parenthetic plural forms of (s), (es), (ies), (S), (ES), and (IES), and non-ASCII Unicode to ASCII normalization from the input term. Specifically, this normalization is the lvg flow options -f:q0:g:rs:o:t:l:B:Ct:q7:q8:w. That is, map Unicode symbols and punctuation to ASCII, then remove genitives, then remove parenthetic plural forms of (s), (es), (ies), (S), (ES), and (IES), then replace punctuation with spaces, then remove stop words, then lowercase, then uninflect each word, then get citation form for each base form, then Unicode Core Norm, then strip or map non-ASCII Unicode characters, and finally sort words in alphabetic order.

This page lists all system options for Norm programs

Original FlagNew FlagFeature Descriptions
Input Filter Options:
tN t:INT Define the field to use as the term field. The default is 1.
Global Behavior Options:
  ci Print configuration information of Norm.
  d Print details information of Norm operations.
h h Print program help information.
  hs Print option's hierarchy structure.
  i:STR Define input file name. The default is standard input.
  o:STR Define output file name. The default is standard output.
  p Show the prompt. The default is no prompt.
s"|" s:STR Defines a field separator. The default is "|".
v v Return the current version identification of Norm.
xConfigFile x:STR Loading an alternative configuration file.
Output Filter Options:
  ti Display the filtered input term in the output
n n Return a "-No Output-" message when an input produces no output.


  • shell> norm -i:in.data -o:out.data
    Read data from file, in.data, and send output to file, out.data.
  • shell> norm -n $$$ $$$|-No Output-
  • shell> norm -t:2 leave|saw leave|saw|saw leave|saw|see
  • shell> norm -t:2 -ti leave|saw saw|saw saw|see
  • shell> norm -t:2 -ti -n leave||saw |-No Output-
  • shell> norm -s:/ -t:2 leave|saw/left leave|saw/left/left leave|saw/left/leave
  • shell> norm -ci LVG_DIR: [/Projects/lvg2024/] DB_TYPE: [HSQLDB] DB_NAME: [lvg2024]
  • shell> norm -v norm.2024
  • shell> norm -x:config.data
    Use an alternative configuration file, config.data