Lexical Tools

Lvg Output Filter Options

After the results are generated from the mutation, several filter options can be applied by using output filter options. Such options include being notified the end of the set of variants returned, modifying cases, combining records, filtering out records with/without certain categories or inflections, specifying output fields, being notified when a transformation produces no output, restricting the number of variants returned, show categories/inflections in name, sorting features of outputs, and displaying the filtered input term.

The following table lists all output filter options for LVG programs

Original Flag New Flag Feature Descriptions
ccgi ccgi Mark the end of the set of variants returned
C:INT Case modifying function
  CR:[o][oc][oe][oi] Combine record by output term, term and category, term and EUI, term and inflection
  DC:LONG Display variants contain category specified
  DI:LONG Display variants contain inflection specified
  EC:LONG Display variants exclude category specified
  EI:LONG Display variants exclude inflection specified
Copy specified field(s) from input to output
n n Return a "-No Output-" message
RN R:INT Restrict the number of variants returned
  SC Show category names
  SI Show inflection names
  St:[o][oc][oci] Sort outputs by terms in an alphabetical order, category value, and inflection value
  ti Display only the filtered input term in the output

All above filters are operated on the generated results from lvg operations. In other words, these filters work on a vector of LexItems.