Lexical Tools

Input Term Field Number

  • Description:

    This option defines the field to use as the input term field. The default is 1. This option specifies the input field of the term whose lexical variants are desired.

    Please note:

    • The first field is 1. Other fields are passive.
    • If the specified field number is less than 1, field 1 will be used.
    • If the specified field number is greater than the last field, the last field will be used.
    • Empty field is not skipped after 2008 release.

  • Features:
    1. Assign the specified field from the input to the term of input LexItem.

  • Symbol: t:INT

  • Examples:

    shell> lvg -f:E -t:2 -n
    left|Laurant|see|-No Output-
  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Get the specified filed number of the input term.
    2. Get the specified term from the input by the specified field number.
    3. Assign the specified term to the source term of the input LexItem.