Noun Variants

  • Noun Inflection:

    Format:     variants=fillers

    Allowable fillers for count nouns:

        variants=regFollows the regular pattern of English plural formation. Rules consider only the end of a termflies, illnesses, books
        variants=glregGreco-Latin regular plurals follow one of the paradigms bellows. The base form and it's spelling variants must end with:

    focus/foci, analysis/analyses, matrix/matrices
        variants=metaregThe plural of acronyms which form their plural with an apostrophe s.PhD, Ph.D.
        variants=irreg|arg1|arg2| Plural form for irregular nounscalf, stomach
        variants=singFixed singular nouns, count nouns that lack a plural form lope
        variants=plurFixed plural nouns, count nouns that lack a singular formcattle, police, suds, surroundings
        variants=invNouns have the same form in the singular and the plural, but remain countable.sheep, deer, means, fish, bear, carp
        variants=group(argument)Collective nounscommittee, family, majority, herd, board, bunch

    Allowable fillers for uncount nouns:

        variants=uncountThe traditional terms abstract and mass, have no separate plural formsincerity, dirt, beer, disease, truth
        variants=groupuncountUncount nouns and fixed singular nounsUnited States, Parliament, mankind, right