Web Interface: RxMix.

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RxMix has been updated! RxMix is a web application that allows users to combine functions from the RxNorm, NDF-RT and RxTerms APIs to create custom applications that can be run interactively or in a batch mode.

  • Function composition. The RxMix interface allows the user to build a workflow of API functions to execute. This saves the user from having to write complex programs to handle multiple function calls. Examples of function composition are contained in the examples below.
  • Batch processing. Through the user interface, RxMix allows the user to process large amounts of data through the user defined workflow. The user can provide a file containing a list of inputs, such as drug names or drug identifiers, for input to the workflow. RxMix will execute the workflow and inform the user via email when the job has completed, providing information on how to retrieve the results.
  • Output in XML, JSON or Text. RxMix offers the user the choice of formatting the output in XML, JSON, or text.
  • Interactive mode. RxMix allows users to interactively test and display the results of the workflow on a single input value.

Users of the RxMix interface should be familiar with the RxNorm, NDF-RT and/or the RxTerms API functions.

**Note: RxMix will not work properly with Internet Explorer. Please use FireFox, Chrome or Safari to run RxMix.

Bodenreider O Web Interface: RxMix.