Web Interface: Consensus Abstracts.

Fontelo P


Consensus Abstracts is a Web interface formatted for wireless mobile devices (for example, cell phones, smartphones, and tablet computers) for searching MEDLINE/PubMed.

It is available through PubMed for Handhelds ( ), from which either askMEDLINE or PICO can be used to initiate a Consensus Abstracts search:

  • With askMEDLINE, a user enters free-text, natural language terms. An example is “For a child with acute abdominal pain, will analgesics mask the diagnosis of acute appendicitis?”
  • From PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome), a user fills in one or more of a Medical condition, an Intervention (therapy, diagnostic text, etc.), an optional Compare to, and an optional Outcome. The user can also select a publication type from among Clinical Trial, Meta-Analysis, Randomized Controled Trial, Systematic Reviews, and Review, and Practice Guideline.

Consensus Abstracts displays retrieved MEDLINE/PubMed articles as a list of journal citations (author, title, publication date, PubMed ID). A checkbox next to each item allows the user to choose citations of interest or, if the first series of articles are acceptable, those articles can be selected for display through a "Submit" button, or the exact number of articles can be entered.

Consensus Abstracts then presents, on a results Web page, the summaries of each abstract found by The Bottom Line (TBL) (also available through PubMed for Handhelds); the search terms and publication types are also displayed. TBL results and full abstracts can also be displayed on the results page by clicking on links, so a user doesn't have to leave that page. Full-text articles, if available, and lists of related articles can be retrieved through links from citations.

Fontelo P Web Interface: Consensus Abstracts.