Web Interface: BabelMeSH.

Fontelo P


BabelMeSH is a multi-language tool for searching NLM's MEDLINE/PubMed. It has the following features:

  • It is intended for users whose native languages is not English.
  • It has a free-text interface.
  • Queries can be submitted as single terms or complex phrases in one of the languages listed below.
  • The search interface changes to allow search terms to be entered in the chosen language.
  • Typing accents or other diacritical marks is optional.
  • Queries are transformed into English. Results are MEDLINE/PubMed citations published in any one or more of the listed languages, as specified by the user.
  • Links to full-text articles, if available for free, are included in the search results.

BabelMeSH Web Interface

BabelMeSH Web interfaces to individual languages:

Fontelo P Web Interface: BabelMeSH.