Dataset: LOINC Top 300+ Lab Orders.

McDonald C, Vreeman D, Goodwin RM


These 300 (or so) codes cover more than 95% of lab test orders in the U.S.

The LOINC Top 300 Lab Orders is a collection of universal laboratory order codes that covers the most frequent lab orders. It was created for use by developers of provider order entry systems that would deliver them in HL7 messages to laboratories where they could be understood and fulfilled. This value set was developed through both empirical and consensus-driven approaches. Obviously, at only 300 codes it doesn't include everything you might want to order, but is probably a very good "starter set". This is the Laboratory Order Value Set referenced by the HITSP C80 Clinical Document and Messaging Terminology Construct in (Table 2-96) and the current HL7 Version 2.5.1 Implementation Guide: S&I Framework Laboratory Orders from EHR, Release 1 being balloted in HL7 and developed in collaboration with the HHS S&I Framework Laboratory Orders Interface Working Group.

McDonald C, Vreeman D, Goodwin RM Dataset: LOINC Top 300+ Lab Orders.