Two Lister Hill Center Researchers present work in the Fall 2018 NIH Research Festival

Drs. Stefan Jaeger and Sivarama Rajaraman, Lister Hill Center researchers, presented posters at the 2018 NIH Research Festival. Dr. Jaeger and Dr. Mahdieh Poostchi received a FARE (Fellows Award for Research Excellence) award which provides recognition for the outstanding scientific research performed by intramural fellows who have less than five years of research experience at the NIH. The research here involved deep learning applied to pediatric chest x-rays and malaria parasite detection and quantification.

Mahdieh Poostchi fin front of her poster

Mahdieh Poostchi in front of her poster, "Computational Image Analysis and Deep Learning for Malaria Parasite Detection and Quantification," at the 2018 NIH Research festival. Contributing to this work are Feng Yang, Hang Yu, Richard Maude, Kamolrat Silamut, Stefan Jaeger, and George Thoma.

Dr. Sivarama Rajaraman in front of his poster

Dr. Sivarama Rajaraman presented “Visualizing and explaining deep learning predictions for pneumonia detection in pediatric chest radiographs.” Working with him are Sema Candemir, George Thoma, and Sameer Antani.