Unified Medical Language System Overview

Date: December 15, 2005 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

The Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) has been developed and maintained by NLM since 1986. Its current
edition incorporates about two million biomedical terms from more than sixty families of medical vocabularies, such as
MeSH, SNOMED and ICD. In addition to the structure inherited from the constituent vocabularies, the UMLS clusters
synonymous terms into concepts; it also adds inter-concept relationships based on lexical resemblance or human review of
the terms and provides a categorization of the concepts in higher-level semantic types. This talk presents an overview
\Time: n of the UMLS through an example, its components (Metathesaurus, Semantic Network and lexical resources), and examples
of its use in a variety of applications.