Medical Fact Net, A Database of Non-Expert Medical Knowledge

Date: February 10, 2004 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

Medical Fact Net (MFN) is a collaborative project of theUniversities of Buffalo and Princeton which will issue in a very largedatabase of statements representing the medical knowledge (and thus also themedical vocabulary) of non-expert human subjects. MFN will be associated\twith a rigorous formal architecture which will make the knowledge it\tcontains easily extractable and usable as a supplement to existing databases\tof expert medical and biological knowledge and also to medical terminology\tsystems such as the UMLS.\t\t\tMFN is a radical revision and extension of (especially the medical portions\tof) the already highly successful lexical database WordNet, which was\tconstructed by the Princeton participants in this project. MFN is designed\tto have practical applications in telemedicine and in the construction of\ton-line query-answering systems for consumer health. It will also have\ttheoretical applications, allowing new types of research in consumer health\tfrom the perspectives of both psychology and linguistics. It should also\thave implications, both theoretical and practical, for our understanding of\tthe communication between medical experts and non-experts at the point of\tcare.\t