Library as Place DVD

Date: December 20, 2005 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

Each year, the National Library of Medicine hosts a number of unique presentations, conferences and poster sessions
illustrated with photos and slides, three-dimensional models, microscopic images, intricate charts and diagrams,
television clips of other artwork. Because video recordings of the presentations typically do not isolate and enlarge
these visual assets, much of their instructional value is lost. To avoid this dilemma, APDB designed a highly
interactive, searchable DVD-ROM which captures all the essential elements of a multi-day conference on a single disc.
Both visual and text search engines allow the user to go to any point in a multi-day conference. Multi-windowed templates
further allow the user to simultaneously view a speaker in one window, enlarge accompanying visuals in a second and
scroll through a thumbnail set of the entire presentations, select one slide and have both the video and zoom windows
move to that exact point in the presentation. Most recently, APDB completed one of these programs for the NLM Conference,
Library As Place. Over 10,000 copies were distributed worldwide. In 2005, APDB successfully ported the Library As Place
DVD-ROM to a Flash format on the web, maintaining all the functionality of the original program. English language
captioning of the conference's thirteen total hours of video is provided, together with interviews of the conference's
poster presenters, plus biographies of all the presenters and interviews with several of them. Web links allow for
continuing updating of new information.