BioDiamond: Search Beyond Ontology

Date: November 03, 2009 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

This team presentation and software demonstration will describe the BioDiamond vision, a transformational approach to the problem of searching multimodal data originating from basic science, epidemiology, clinical trials, and patient care. Research today is severely hampered because only a tiny fraction of new and existing data such as X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, EKGs, pathology slides, and reports can be searched effectively. Access is limited to the tip of the data iceberg, whether warehousing is done at a hospital, federal agency, insurance company, pharmaceutical company, or basic science laboratory. Scientists are restricted to posing questions that can be answered from the tip of the iceberg, rather than posing the questions that should be asked to solve the most important biomedical problems using data buried deep in the iceberg. Developed from roots in basic and clinical science, epidemiology, bioinformatics, computer science, software development, and large-scale, data-intensive computation, the BioDiamond vision provides an open and extensible search framework for transforming how we conduct biomedical research.