7 Years and 150,00 Patients Later: Health Information Technology With Patients at the Center

Date: May 12, 2008 Time: 12:00pm
Event Type: Lecture

Group Health Cooperative of Washington State, a $2.5 billion non-profit health system, implemented its electronic medical record as one owned by patients and physicians together, and currently operates one of the largest personal health record systems in the world. Patient access to the system was established at the beginning of the rollout in 2003, and is tightly integrated into the operations of the Statewide delivery system, via secure e-mail, online test results, parental access, and since 2006, the first electronic health risk appraisal integrated into the electronic health record. Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH, Medical Director of Health Informatics and Web Services, Group Health, will discuss their patient-centered approach to guiding every decision in the development and maintenance of a robust health information technology infrastructure, and the impact to the members, staff, and community.